New MacBook Pro

Well, this should be my first attempt at a REAL blog post.  I recently purchased a MacBook Pro.  I had been looking at Macs in general for quite some time.  I pretty much knew I wanted a laptop.  So I eventually decided that it would be a MacBook Pro.  I researched what seems like forever.I looked at the 15″ and 17″ versions and researched the 15″ back when they converted the screen to a LED backlit version (for the geeks out there).  The color accuracy and  battery life seemed to have improved and I was waiting for a while to see if they did the same with the 17″ version, but that never came.  Another factor in my research and waiting was the anticipation of the newest version of OS X.   “Leopard”.  It finally came out at the end of October so I knew I was getting close to pulling the trigger.  The last factor was $$$.  I had sold my previous laptop that was a minimally equipped one, to a relative who didn’t need NEAR the computing power that I wanted and demand from my machines.  Anyway, I stashed that money aside, and recently sold my 1 year old Canon 20D (because I got the 30D).  So that added some more much needed liquidity.So finally about 2 weeks after the release of leopard, they updated the specs on the MacBook’s and offered them with the new 2.6ghz dual core proc.  That was the final straw, I had to get one.  I finally went to the store to order mine and they, of course, didn’t have what I wanted in stock and just advised me to order it online from home.  So I headed back to the house and placed my order.  “Ouch” was my thought when I saw it would take nearly a month for my new ‘puter to be built and shipped.  I also ordered a .Mac subscription, iWork, Parallels (so I could run Windows INSIDE my mac… the coolest thing EVER!) and finally, Final Cut Express, so I could hopefully edit some of my 1.5 years worth of video of my little tyke Riley.Literally, 2 days after placing that order, they (Apple) released a major upgrade to Final Cut Express.   So when I got my shipment, I took it to the store and returned it for a store credit, which I came home and re-ordered the new version; 4.0!So, I had all the software I needed (at least to get started, LOL) nearly  a month before the laptop came.  Then it finally arrived this past Monday Nov. 26th.I’ll wrap up for now, but enjoy these pics of the unveiling of the new beauty!!!   

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