So this evening I was down at the park just as the sun was setting. I had gone down there to scope out scenery for a shoot I have this weekend with Melinda and her 2 kids.

I was just about done and I started hearing the tell-tale sound of an Owl. I’ve lived in Florida all my life and I’ve maybe seen Owls in the wild twice… at most.

I saw it fly into an OLD oak down by the river and I walked over there and was listening and trying to locate it. Now, by this time it’s darn near dark. The sun has set and there’s only a hint of light remaining in the sky, but the shadows have filled in. I bumped the camera all the way to ISO 1600 and had my 70-200 f2.8L IS lens on the camera and set at f2.8. I finally found the owl in a branch almost directly above me. Actually there were two, but I only found the first one. I propped the camera against a small tree for a makeshift tripod and started shooting, shutter speed was somewhere around 1/4 second. I was making sounds at him trying to get him to look at me, but I couldn’t even see his face, I could only make out his profile against the sky.

Anyway, this is the best shot I got. It’s very grainy as you can see because of the high ISO and this is a crop of the original.


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