Christmas Tree Farm (Backlog post, orig date 12/1/07)

A new short post today.

This one is about how I’ve tried 3 different blogging tools and I think I’ve finally found one that will more easily allow me to enter more than one image at a time. My webite came with blogging software, that I have to say; Sucked!. So then I downloaded and installed WordPress on my server. This is a very robust blogging software and there are lots of configureability options and plug in’s etc. But again, I couldn’t figure out how to post multiple pics easily. I must have simply missed something, because I’ve read blogs that are published with wordpress and have had many images. Anyway, I haven’t given up on it just yet. But in the meantime, I’m trying this blogger site. I like it so far. It DID allow me to upload several pics, though it was limiting to like 5 or 6, but then you can just do another upload of 5 or 6 more. Formatting the blog is where the trouble seems for me now. So please forgive my messy formatting above.
On to today’s activities. We went to a Christmas Tree farm here outside of Jax to pick and cut down our own tree. They’re nothing like the trees that come from the North, but it was kind of neat taking Riley out there. He loved the hay ride on the tractor!!! I’ve got lots of pics, our hope was to get one to put on our Christmas card. I’ll post some after I get them processed. But for now, a sample is below.

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