A note from Me

Hello everybody,
I just had to write a note that I *love* my new blogging software!  It’s not only the software but a new custom template that I got to “plug-in” to the software.  Without getting too technical, it’s like the “wrapping on the gift” or the “Crust on the pie”.  It’s what you see!

Another point… I will be making a much greater attempt at blogging on a regular basis.  My immediate goal is once a week. But for the time being, I’m hoping to do a little more than that.  Most people blog on an on-going, live kind of manner.  They take pictures or whatever and then they write about it and share.  Well, I’ve got a couple years worth of shots on backlog that i’d love to post!

So I will be going back in time, digging up pictures, and posting them on here.  Hope you come back and enjoy.

Next task: Post Riley’s Easter Pics.

Talk to you later!

( And give me a call if you would like some pictures taken or a portrait session! )


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