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Abe & Rawan’s Reception

Abe & Rawan were married in Dubai and moved back to Jacksonville where Abe is from and they had a beautiful Reception thrown by Abe’s family here. It was great seeing such a large family who all showed so much love to each other and the new Bride & Groom. There were approximately 300 in […]

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Studio Lighting Seminar featuring Zorah, taught by Ken Moran of Moran Photography

As mentioned in the previous post. I attended a Studio Lighting seminar this past week and learned some very useful information that I’m looking forward to putting to use. Ken Moran taught the session and did a great job. It was also great to see fellow photographer Stacy Nieuwenhuis as well. We went over some […]

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Some “for fun” shooting…

I was on my way to a seminar on Studio Lighting, one of the benefits of my membership in PPSNF (, and stopped by an interesting area that I’ve driven by a thousand times. I was a bit early so I decided it was time to get back to my “roots” of photography and enjoy […]

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