Melinda, Katie, and Mason take 2

2 years ago I had the privilege of taking portraits of Melinda and her 2 kids Katie and Mason. We had originally scheduled to take the pictures in the park but when the time came, so did the rain. We collected ourselves and did the shoot in my home studio. Those shots came out great and can be found here on the blog. So Melinda recently contacted me again and wanted to give it a try in the park again, plus it had been a while since the last pictures were taken. Time flies!

So here are 2 sample shots from this past weekends session. These are some photogenic kids! They were loving hamming it up for the camera and Mom treated them to some play time in the park after we were done.

Thanks Melinda Katie and Mason for being great subjects and customers! I look forward to the next shoot!

Melinda, Katie, & Mason



North Georgia Vineyards 180 deg. Panorama

Here is a 180 degree view of a Vineyard in North Georgia. The countryside up there is really beautiful and until recently I didn’t even know they had a “Wine Country”.
We hit 2 of the wineries on a recent trip and I captured these images.

*Click the panorama for a larger view



My little buddy

Some recent pics from a day I decided to grab Riley and go down to the park. Just me and him and the camera.
It seemed to work pretty well. All along he’s grown to kind of hate the camera becuase I always am trying to take pictures of him.
But this day he cooperated with me pretty well. There weren’t many distractions and when we were done he had play time in the park.

Definitely turned out to be one of the best sessions I’ve had with him.